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Sample Blog Articles - Musical Musings Blog

The articles on my Musical Musings blog (part of Musicalwriters.com) focus on the creativity behind musicals. They are primarily aimed at people writing in the genre, but they may be of interest to others.

Here are a few specific examples:

Song Rewriting Tips for the Musical Writer's Journey

When I asked Stephen Schwartz several specific questions to aid a musical writer's journey, he provided insights.

Planning a Musical Reading

New musicals are tested in readings. This post includes some key points for writers and producers setting up readings.

3 Writing Strategies Used by Wicked’s Creators - a few strategies gleaned from Stephen Schwartz and Winnie Holzman's work on the musical Wicked.

Discovering a Lyric through Prose Writing - I share an experience that Stephen Schwartz had while struggling to come up with lyrics for a love song. He used a stream of consciousness writing process than may be helpful for others.

"I Want" Songs in Context This article discusses the "I Want Song," the "Call to Adventure," and "Inciting Incident" in musicals.

Blog Articles - Godspell

All blog posts about Godspell at The Godspell Experience blog

Writers and Creativity

Finding Oz - An interview with author Evan I Schwartz. Evan and I had a great time presenting our Oz-related books at several library events. He covered the early days of Oz from his knowledge as a Frank Baum biographer and I covered Wicked from the novel through the musical, based on my knowledge as a Stephen Schwartz biographer.

Hairspray's High Energy Inspires Wicked's "What is This Feeling" - Stephen Schwartz didn't realize what kind of energy was needed for a particular moment in the show until one of his colleagues saw Hairspray. Here's the story.

Animals in Wicked - "Something Bad" is happening in Oz. This article reveals how adapting a novel for the musical stage can be challenging, especially when a complicated plot element isn't easily stageable.

Music, Musicals, Musicians

Stephen Schwartz: A Creative Force at Sixty-Five - I wrote this article in honor of the 65th birthday of Stephen Schwartz. It was published on the blog Onstage and Backstage from the Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing group.

Laura Nyro, Godspell Song Rhythms, and "Bless the Lord" - A Godspell Music Lesson. Do you remember Laura Nyro's songs "Eli's Comin'" or "Save the Country"? Stephen Schwartz did when he was writing the score for Godspell. Here's how Nyro's work influenced him.

Opening Night of Godspell on Broadway - Here I share my story of attending the opening night for the Broadway revival of Godspell. This was a guest blog post on Onstage and Backstage.

Michael Holland and the New Sound of Godspell based on my interview with the new Broadway revival orchestrator and arranger.

Stephen Oremus- Stephen Oremus - Working with Wicked's Fresh Score from the Opening. Stephen Oremus shared some fascinating details about what it was really like to be at the piano for workshops of Wicked and then to be completing the score's arrangements....

On Performing

Idina Menzel interview: Idina Menzel, Elphaba, and the Artistic Life - I was honored to be able to do a phone interview with Idina Menzel, who orginated the role of Elphaba in the musical Wicked. She had a really good grasp of her character's nature and the themes of Wicked. She agreed to let me share a quote from her that I thought would inspire future performers.

A Scott Coulter Profile - Making it Out There. Scott Coulter is a wonderful singer who has frequently performed with Stephen Schwartz. The article follows notes on CDs and his classes. Look for "A Scott Coulter Profile"

The Arts

Silence and Still Life Paintings with a Southwest Twist- I wrote an article about still life artist Bill Acheff that was published in the TM Magazine. Bill and I share an interest in Transcendental Meditation.

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